23.09.202224.09.2022 | 25.09.2022

DiPP2022 Conference Places: Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”, 41, “St. St. Kiril and Metodiy” Str., Burgas

Official DiPP2022 Press Conference: 23.09.2022, 10:00-11:00, Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”, 41, “St. St. Kiril and Metodiy” Str., Burgas

Access to Zoom Sessions (for DiPP2022 registered and invited participants)




10:00-17:00 – Registration: Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”, Burgas


13:00-13:45 DiPP2022 Opening ceremony and Official Greetings (On-site and Zoom session)


13:45-15:00 Conference Session (On-site and Zoom session)

Invited Talk

Nektarios Moumoutzis, Marios Christoulakis, Chara Xanthaki, Nikos Pappas, Yiannis Maragkoudakis, Stavros Christodoulakis, Desislava Paneva-Marinova – eShadow+: Mixed Reality Storytelling Inspired by Traditional Shadow Theatre

Reports by participants

Yanislav Zhelev, Mariya Monova-Zheleva, Evgeniya Nikolova – Digitization of Cultural Heritage of Burgas Region, Bulgaria - Initiatives and Outcomes

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-17:30 The Workshop and 13th National Information day: Open Access to Scientific Publications, Data and Data Science, Bulgarian Open Science Cloud, organized in the frame of the H2020 project NI4OS – Europe, Grant number GA № 857645, funded by European Commission (On-site and Zoom session)

Chair: Peter Stanchev

Peter Stanchev, Aneta Karaivanova, Yanita Zherkova, Hristiyaniya Klisarova, Radoslav Pavlov, Georgi Simeonov - The 13th National Information Day: Open Science, Open Data, Open Access, Bulgarian Open Science Cloud

Yanita Zherkova, Hristiyaniya Klisarova – The new national program to stimulate open source publications; Bulgarian portal for open science - statistics and analysis

Aneta Karaivanova, Emanouil Atanassov, Todor Gurov, Peter Stanchev, Georgi Simeonov - Bulgarian contribution to the Open Science services in NI4OS-Europe

Aneta Karaivanova, Emanouil Atanassov, Todor Gurov - On the HPC/HPDA/AI competences in Bulgaria

Discussion – moderator: Todor Gurov

Main topics:

  • Open Access indicators;
  • Bulgarian national initiative on Open Data and Cloud Computing;
  • Disseminate best practices in the field;
  • Discuss research problems in the field;
  • Discuss the possibilities of establishing a network of open-access repositories;
  • Contribute to the problems of the harmonization of national legislation and practices, and
  • Discuss the possibilities of developing training courses for creators and managers of scientific digital repositories to ensure interoperability.

Recording from the session



09:30-17:00 – Registration: Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”, Burgas


09:30-11:00 Conference Session (On-site and Zoom session)

Invited Talk

Zsolt László Márkus, Tibor Szkaliczki, György Szántó, Miklós Veres, Zsolt Weisz, Detelin Luchev, Desislava Paneva-Marinova, Maxim Goynov, Radoslav Pavlov, Lilia Pavlova – Virtual Walk in the Church of Nativity in Arbanasi (video | presentation)

Reports by participants

Rosen Ivanov, Victoria Velkova – Delivering Personalized Content to Open-air Museum Visitors Using Geofencing

Sujith Gunjur Umapathy, Alexander I. Iliev – Segmentation of Floorplans and Heritage Sites: An Approach to Unbalanced Dataset (video | presentation)

Elena Zaharieva-Stoyanova – XAML Digital Representation of Embroidery Cross Stitch Symbols


11:00-11:30 Coffee Break 


11:30-13:00 Conference Session (On-site and Zoom session)

Reports by participants

Ivet B. Koleva, Borislav R. Yoshinov, Radoslav R. Yoshinov – Digitalization of Educational Materials and Establishment of Electronic Archive in the Rehabilitation Field

Radoslav R. Yoshinov, Ivet B. Koleva, Borislav R. Yoshinov – Efficacy of Application of an Electronic Archive in the Rehabilitation Field: Education and Digital Testing of Professional Competencies of Learners

Antonia Staneva, Katia Rasheva-Yordanova, Daniela Borissova – Integration Multimedia and Virtual Reality in the Online Teaching of Fine Arts (video)

Viktoriya Ivanova – Digitalization for Preserving the Book Heritage of the University Library at “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse

Dušan Tatić – Mobile Presentation of the War History of the City of Niš (video)


13:00-14:00 Free time


14:00-16:00 Conference Session (On-site and Zoom session)

Invited Talk

Eliza Stefanova, Krassen Stefanov – Knowledge Access through Libraries in the United Digital Market

Reports by participants

Zhanina Dubarova-Kostadinova, Radovesta Stewart, Todor Kostadinov – An Approach to the Visual Presentation of Museum Artefacts

Alexander I. Iliev, Ameya Mote – Visual Emotion Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks (video | presentation)

Todor Todorov, Galina Bogdanova, Nikolay Noev – Accessibility Challenges with CAPTCHA Services in Digital Libraries

Todor Todorov, Shpend Lutfiu – Cyber Risk Assessment Principles for Modern Digital Museums (video)

Evita Pilege, Sandra Plota, Girts Pilegis, Marga Zivitere, Detelin Luchev, Maxim Goynov – The Role of the Digital Environment in the Context of Cultural Rights (video)


16:00-16:30 Coffee Break


16:30-18:00 Workshop on Approaches, Models and Tools for Digitization of Specific Ethnographic Objects, organized in the frame of the project “Europe Ritual Cuisine – Digital Presentation and Preservation” (EURICA), funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme KA2 Strategic Partnerships (On-site)

Organizer: Burgas Free University

Chairs: Yanislav Zhelev, Mariya Monova-Zheleva, Evgeniya Nikolova


18:00 Cocktail




09:30-10:30 Information Day: Research Infrastructure Services in the Humanities and Social Sciences, organized in the frame of the CLaDA-BG, the Bulgarian National Interdisciplinary Research e-Infrastructure for Resources and Technologies in Favor of the Bulgarian Language and Cultural Heritage, Part of the EU Infrastructures CLARIN and DARIAH (On-site and Zoom session)

Organizers: Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Burgas Free University

Chairs: Desislava Paneva-Marinova, Radoslav Pavlov, Maxim Goynov, Yanislav Zhelev, Mariya Monova-Zheleva

Main topics: Humanities and Social Sciences Data Storage, Retrieval and Curation Environment and its implementation in the Digital library “Virtual Encyclopedia of Bulgarian Iconography”, and the Digital libraries for the needs of the “Ivan Vazov” Regional Library in Plovdiv and “Peyo Yavorov” Regional Library in Burgas.


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:00 Conference Session (On-site and Zoom session)

Reports by participants

Svetoslava Dimitrova, Tereza Trencheva, Evelina Zdravkova, Kamelia Planska-Simeonova – Global Intellectual Property Applications and Active IP Rights (2015-2020) – Result of IP Education

Stanislav Simeonov, Ekaterina Gospodinova – Methods and Models for Building an Interface for Digital Information Infrastructure Smart Gallery (video)

Neli Simeonova, Ekaterina Gospodinova – Mathematical Model, Development of Algorithms and Measurement of Parameters of Objects in Monitoring Systems for Protection of Cultural Heritage (video)

Daniela Pavlova – Concept for Use of Consumer Mobile Devices and Smart Applications for Preservation of Cultural Heritage (video)

12:00-14:00 Free time


14:00 – 16:00 Conference Session

Invited Talk

Zinta Haļzova – Local History Research Databases in Latvian Public Libraries

Reports by participants

Georgi Kostadinov, Kristian Milev, Stefan Staynov, Asya Stoyanova-Doycheva – Applying Ambient Characteristics, Personalization and Ontology Concepts to Tourist Guide Route Generation (video)

Magdelena Stoyanova, Diego Stoyanov, Lilia Pavlova – Digital Imaging Techniques in Archaeometry: The Case of an Ancient Crucifixion Icon (presentation)

Mariya Grancharova-Hristova, Nevena Moraliyska, Todorka Glushkova, Konstantin Rusev – Virtualization, Processing, and Standardization of Knowledge about Bulgarian Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage for Use in School Education (video)

Sebiha Madanska – An Ontology for Architectural Heritage: Historical Figures and Organizations (video)

Stefka Kovacheva, Ludmila Dimitrova – Realization of a Collection of Digital Resources for Cultural Heritage Sites as a Basis for Formation of Skills and Competencies


16:00 – 16:30 DiPP2022 Closing Ceremony


*The organisers reserve the right to make any changes to the programme if necessary!