The Twelfth International Conference on Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage—DiPP2022 aims at presenting innovative results, research projects and applications in the field of digitisation, documentation, archiving, representation and preservation of global and national tangible and intangible cultural and scientific heritage. The main focus is to provide open access to digitised cultural heritage and to set up sustainable policies for its continuous digital preservation and conservation. The priority area is the digital presentation and preservation of cultural and historical objects under conditions of risk, including those from the Burgas region. The forum will demonstrate innovative technologies and prototypes, including digital repositories, digital archives, virtual museums and digital libraries, which result from established practices and achievements in the field. Representatives of public and specialised libraries, museums, galleries, archives, centres, both national and foreign research institutions and universities are invited to participate and exchange experiences, ideas, knowledge and best practices of the field.

There will also:

Workshop and national information day Open Access to Scientific Publications, Data and Data Science, Bulgarian Open Science Cloud, organised in the frame of the H2020 project NI4OS – Europe, Grant number GA № 857645, funded by European Commission. It will focus on the following activities:

  • Open Access indicators;
  • Disseminate partners’ best practices;
  • Discuss research problems in the field;
  • Discuss the possibilities of establishing a network of open-access repositories;
  • Contribute to the problems of the harmonization of national legislation and practices, and
  • Discuss the possibilities of developing training courses for creators and managers of scientific digital repositories to ensure interoperability.

Workshop Programme

Workshop on Approaches, Models and Tools for Digitization of Specific Ethnographic Objects, organized in the frame of the international project Europe Ritual Cuisine – Digital Presentation and Preservation (EURICA), funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme KA2 Strategic Partnerships.

Information Day Research Infrastructure Services in the Humanities and Social Sciences, organized in the frame of the CLaDA-BG, the Bulgarian National Interdisciplinary Research e-Infrastructure for Resources and Technologies in Favor of the Bulgarian Language and Cultural Heritage, Part of the EU Infrastructures CLARIN and DARIAH.

DiPP2022 is organized under the patronage of UNESCO and the Burgas Municipality.

DiPP2022 main organisers: Institute of Mathematics and Informatic at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

DiPP2022 co-organisers: Regional Academic Center of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Burgas, Regional Historical Museum – Burgas, Burgas Free University, Peyo Yavorov Regional Library – Burgas.

DiPP2022 Conference: 23-25 September, 2022

Location of the Event: Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”, 41, “St. St. Kiril and Metodiy” Str., Burgas

Working language of the conference: English


Important news!

Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, from vol. 1, 2011 to vol. 11, 2021 have been accepted and indexed in SCOPUS.

Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, from vol. 8, 2018  to vol. 11, 2021  have been accepted and indexed in Web of Science.

Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, vol. 12 (DiPP2022 Proceedings) will be also submitted for evaluation for its inclusion in Web of Science (Fully Covered Journal Proceedings) and SCOPUS (Conference Proceeding).


Important dates!

Deadline submission of information about papers' title and authors: May 15, 2022

Extended deadline for papers submission: June 05, 2022

Submission of proposals for workshops and discussions: June 01, 2022

Notification of acceptance: July 25, 2022

Submission of final versions of papers: July 30, 2022


DiPP2022 Programme

Call for papers